Teen hurt by soda can hurled at head

10:25 PM, Apr 10, 2013   |    comments
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A girl walking down a Jefferson City street around 5:30 Tuesday afternoon wound up in the hospital with a concussion after someone hurled a full can of soda at her head.

Rebekah Frith and her best friend Ayla Plasencia were walking along Russell Avenue near the train tracks behind Carson Newman University.

They had just finished a dance class and wanted to get a snack.

The girls say a dark colored SUV drove up on them from behind.

"I was kind of stunned for five seconds. I didn't really know what happened," said Frith.

"I just heard a lot of loud music and they were screaming and laughing," recalled Plascenia.

"I just had excruciating pain just on, like, this side, and I didn't know what just happened, until I heard them laughing," said Frith.

The girls report hearing male voices laughing and someone saying "'haha, dude you got her."

The incident put Rebekah in the hospital.

"I had two CAT scans. They told me because of how fast the hit was that I had a concussion," said Frith.

"What made me really mad was it seemed like they knew what they were doing, like they did it purposely," said Plascenia.

They reported it to Jefferson City Police. Chief Ken Davis says he hopes citizens won't stand for this.

"We'd sure like to put our hands on them. Get them in here and talk with them. Find some justice for this young lady," said Davis.

He says they're investigating.

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