Humane society cares for animals from closed Campbell Co. shelter

8:29 AM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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The doors at Adrian Baird Animal Center are locked while the state investigates allegations of abuse. The Campbell County Mayor made the decision to close the shelter late Thursday afternoon pending the results of the investigation by the Tennessee Veterinarian Medical Board.

The details about what actually went on inside the shelter are still unclear.

But the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, who took in 20 of their animals, says the animals they rescued weren't properly taken care of.

Volunteers and employees spent the day bathing, walking, and treating the animals.

Development Director Jessica Popek cared for a mama collie all afternoon.

"She was in a small kennel with her puppies. Usually you want them separated so she can have a break. So she was overnursing. And she's covered in these flea nests. We also picked 20 ticks off of her," said Popek.

"When they all arrived none of them would walk. We had to carry them all," she said.

The Adrian Baird Animal Center has been under fire for allegations of abuse. A YouTube video that's received thousands of hits brought the issue to a head last week. It claims the dogs are euthanized too quickly and inhumanely.

A 10News investigation found the shelter was not using the recommended procedures or dosage of euthanasia drugs.

While Popek is upset about the allegations, she's grateful the animals have a temporary home.

"They are very sweet, loving dogs," she said.

She's hoping they'll find forever homes soon.

After all of the dogs are spayed or neutered, they will be up for adoption.

The Humane Society is asking for towels and volunteers.

A Campbell County shelter employee says of Thursday evening, they have not given her any information about the future of her part time paid job.

She plans on showing up for work tomorrow despite the closure.

Previous Story

Campbell County Mayor William Baird says the Campbell County animal shelter is closed indefinitely pending the outcome of a state investigation into accusations of animal abuse by shelter director Betty Crumley.

Mayor Baird says Crumley acknowledges that she is the focus of a controversy, which stems from a video that was posted online and claims to have been filmed at the shelter.

Crumley has not been told she has to leave.

Mayor Baird says all of the animals that were at the shelter have been taken by rescue groups.

He says he hopes to have the shelter back up and running as soon as possible.


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