Update: KPD identifies 3 homeless homicide victims

2:23 PM, Apr 13, 2013   |    comments
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  • Joshua Cool
  • Hope Carol Warvi
  • Brandon Lee Roberts

Knoxville police have identified the three homeless victims of homicide found earlier this week near downtown Knoxville this week.

In a press release, the KPD spokesman says 29-year-old Collin Colbert, 29-year-old Ryan Gorney, and 32-year-old Grace Standridge were found deceased in a homeless camp.

Colbert, originally from Gatlinburg was found in a tent on Tuesday.

Gorney, originally from Chicago, was found under debris.

Standridge, originally from Knoxville, was found hidden in a crawl space.

The police do not suspect anymore updates on the homicides until the beginning of next week.

Previous story

Knoxville police have formally charged three people with second-degree murder in the death of a homeless man.

Hope Carol Warvi of Strawberry Plains, Joshua Cool of Pennsylvania, and Brandon Roberts of West Virginia were found in a tent in a North Knoxville homeless camp Tuesday. Inside the tent was the body of a man, wrapped in a blanket.

On Thursday, two more bodies were found, a man under trash and debris and a woman in a crawlspace in an abandoned building.  Police say Warvi, Cool, and Roberts are suspects.

Cody Talley, 18, told 10News he knew the suspects.

"It's crazy that how to think that a group of people like that you hung out for so long would do something like that," he said.

The homeless camp, along Richards Street, consists of an empty scrap metal plant and several trees. Talley said he used to stay in that area, but is thinking twice now that there has been foul play discovered.

"I try and stay away from there now. And if I do go back there to sleep, I'm going back there with a bunch of friends because I'm trying not to get murdered out here," Talley added.

Investigators said Friday morning that there are no other victims or suspects. Chief David Rausch added "All three victims were killed within a few hours of each other. Sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning."

He said charges in connection with the two other deaths could soon follow.

Bond has been set at $500,000 on each suspect.

Updated Story

Knoxville Police have in custody three suspects they believe are connected with the deaths of three homeless people.

The deaths happened on Monday and Tuesday.

In a press conference Friday morning, police revealed the victims were two men and one woman.

The first victim was discovered in a tent on Tuesday.

The second and third victims were found Thursday near the first body.

The deaths are connected to a homeless camp off of Richards Street.

Police Chief David Rausch said he had no recollection of a triple homicide like this.

Investigators are comfortable that there are no other victims or suspects.

The suspects are Hope Carol Warvi of Strawberry Plains, Joshua Cool of Pennsylvania, and Brandon Roberts of West Virginia. Police plan to charge them with homicide this afternoon in the first death, and according to Chief Rausch, "confident there's going to be a tie into the three (deaths)."

Police are not releasing the names of the victims pending family notification.

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