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Chicken Poblano Chowder

11:00 PM, Oct 17, 2012   |    comments
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1/8 cup of extra virgin olive oil (or whatever cooking oil you have)
3 chicken breasts previously grilled and cut into large chunks
2-3 poblano peppers seeded and cut into large pieces (based on level of spiciness you desire)
3 celery stalks and leaves chopped
2-3 large onions diced
1/8 cup of minced garlic
1 48-ounce box of low-sodium chicken stock (you can use broth if you wish)
Salt (to taste)
White pepper 1 tsp
½ bunch of cilantro (leaves only) diced-at least two cups.
Cumin seeds (4-5 pinches)
2 chicken stock cubes
2 carrots chopped
1/2 cup of non-fat half and half cream (Land of Lakes makes one but there are others)
Hot sauce (to taste)
Water to thin soup if needed


Coat the bottom of a large soup pan with the olive oil and soften the onions, garlic, poblano peppers, celery and carrots for 15-20 minutes on medium to medium high. When the veggies are soft, add the cut-up grilled chicken, the chicken stock, and the chicken stock cubes, the white pepper, salt (to taste-I use very little), the cilantro, the cumin and cook covered for 25-30 minutes on medium. Add a little water if you want a thinner soup. Add the half-and-half and the hot sauce and cook for additional 5-10 minutes until the soup returns to the temperature at which you wish to serve it. Scoop off any excess olive oil; even if this means you lose some of the cilantro leaves.

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Date Aired: October 18, 2012

Knox County Health Department

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