Easter Cake Pops

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1 Baked cake
1 cup Frosting
Dipping Chocolate in: White, Yellow, Dark Chocolate, and Pink
Orange Fondant
Lollipop Sticks


Bake cake according to recipe. Remove from pan and let cool. Break cake into crumbs. Mix in frosting to create a dough.
Using a small scooper or spoon, scoop out enough dough to roll into a 1 inch ball and place onto a sheet of wax paper. Continue to roll dough until no batter remains. Refrigerate rolled cake dough for about 1 hour so dough can set.
Remove tray of cake balls. Melt chocolate slowly either over a double broiler or in the microwave taking care not to burn. Dip end of lollipop stick into melted chocolate. Next push the chocolate end of the stick into the top of the cake ball. Make sure stick goes all the way through the ball but does not poke out of the other side. Continue this step until all cake balls have a stick. Next dip the entire cake truffle into the chocolate and completely coat. Dip half of the truffles in the white chocolate (bunnies) then half into the yellow (chicks).
After chocolate has completely hardened, it’s time to begin decorating! Roll the orange fondant into a thin sheet. Using a paring knife or pastry cutter, cut out small triangles. This will become the beak of your chicks. Place melted dark and pink chocolate into separate pastry bags. Next you will use the dark chocolate pastry bag to “dot” two eyes onto all of your cake pops. On the yellow pops, use a small point such and a pin or tooth pick and dot some chocolate onto the center and top with your small triangular beak. Chick is now complete!
For the bunny, use the dark chocolate to create an “x” in the center of your cake pop. These will become the whiskers. Next, dot a tiny bit of pink in the center of your “x” to create the bunnies nose. The bunnies are now complete.
After candy has completely dried, finish your Easter treats with a bow!

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Date Aired: March 28, 2013

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