Morgan Co. authorities detonating WWII era bombs

5:59 PM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
  • Morgan Co. deputies detonate three WWII era bombs found over the weekend. 4/23/13
  • Three WWII bombs found on the Fairview Rd. property.
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Morgan County Sheriff Glen Freytag said the discovery of three World War II era bombs is a first in his 40 years in law enforcement.

"I received a knock on the door yesterday. It was the sheriff of Morgan County and an ATF agent. and told us we had to evacuate our home," said Mark Phillips, who lives next door to the bomb discovery near Fairview Road in Coalfield.

The incident started Sunday, when a neighboring house near the bombs caught fire. That is when deputies discovered what appeared to be some sort of explosive device that went off.

Less than 24 hours later, authorities discovered another three bombs, located on a different part of the property.

"This gentleman said he bought them in a scrap place, I don't know. We're still under investigation," said Sheriff Freytag.

In order to properly detonate each of the bombs, they had to create a trench and place the bomb inside to keep debris from flying.

The sheriff's department asked people living within half a mile of the site to stay inside during the three-hour ordeal. Nearby coalfield school was also on lockdown.

"Explain to the children that there would be three different explosions -- not to worry, they were controlled and no to be in danger," said Sheriff Freytag.

The third bomb was destroyed before 2:00 on Tuesday afternoon. Investigators do not believe there are any more and no charges have been filed.

"Not until we have all the information that we need. We will investigate where he picked these up. Find out how they acquired them and go from there."

But not everyone is comfortable this is over.

"It's definitely scary and it's definitely an eyeopener," said neighbor Phillips.

Right now, investigators do not believe the fire and the three explosives are connected. They are still trying to find out if someone started the weekend fire on purpose.

Update 12:22

The first of three World War II era bombs found in Morgan County was successfully detonated Tuesday morning. 

Morgan County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Cochran says there is no connections between the explosives and the Sunday fire that led to their discovery.

Neighbors tell 10News no one lived on the property where the bombs were discovered.

10News has a crew on scene.

Stay with 10News for more information on this developing story.

Previous story

The Morgan County sheriff is advising residents within an 1/2 mile radius of Coalfield School to stay indoors until 2 p.m. Tuesday while they detonate WWII era bombs.

A detonation device was discovered Sunday at the site of a fire.  The fire was located off of Fairview Road in an area called Hillbilly Holler.

At the site, authorities discovered three WWII era bombs totaling 600 lbs.

At the time of this posting, several agencies including the ATF and an Air Force division out of Fort Campbell are assisting the Morgan County Sheriff's Office in the detonation.

Coalfield School was placed on lockdown Tuesday morning.

Authorities stress that the situation is under control.

Stay with 10News and for more information on this developing story.

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