Tires slashed, butter smeared on vehicles in West Knoxville

6:39 PM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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  • SOURCE: Corinne Brown

Knox County sheriff's deputies are looking for vandals who caused some widespread damage in West Knoxville over the weekend.

Corinne Brown asked "who hates me so much?" after finding butter smeared all over her Mercury Mountaineer. Brown said she found the Blue Bonnet wrapping stuck on the edge of her trunk along with a big glob of more butter.

"Well, I thought it was probably some kids doing something stupid, some kind of silly prank," Brown said.

But things got worse, as Brown discovered all four of her tires had been slashed. Brown said she was not the only victim. "I think maybe 10," she said.

A little further down Engert Road lives Wilda Alazawi-Barr, whose red Nissan truck was also targeted with butter.

"It was really like cake icing or like cream cheese and it was in a space about 18 inches wide and about three or four inches deep. And it was really thick," Alazawi-Barr said.

Alazawi-Barr said she didn't report the vandalism, but the Knox County Sheriff's Office said four people living inside the Wedgewood Hills subdivision did. The complaints include butter spread on vehicles, tires slashed, and even eggs thrown on at least one vehicle and home.

Alazawi-Barr said, "I'm sure [the culprits] wouldn't want something like that done to their property or to their bicycle or their car."

Corinne Brown had to pay more than $200 to replace the four tires on her SUV, but some of the butter remains along with one more question from Brown.

"What's your goal in doing something like that, I guess is what I would ask them," Brown said.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office said deputies will beef up patrol in the Wedgewood Hills neighborhood. We're told one victim is talking about installing security cameras in case a similar incident occurs.

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