Truck slams into house, misses family

10:36 PM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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An East Tennessee woman says she and her 16-month-old daughter are lucky to be alive tonight after a truck slammed into their home while they were inside.

The incident occurred around 12:30pm, according to LaFollette Police Chief Jim Jeffries. Courtney Byrd, and her daughter, Kylie, were asleep on the second floor of their apartment when a utility truck lost its brakes and careened into the first floor living room.

Neighbor Katrina Suttles feared the worst.

"Thought they were dead, we all did," she said.

But, an early morning wake up call may have saved the Byrd's lives. Courtney said Kylie woke her up at 6am to play. Around noon, the pair became tired and decided to retreat upstairs for a nap.

"I normally don't take a nap with my daughter," Byrd said. "It's very rare."

After the incident, the LaFollette Housing Authority decided to move the Byrds to a new apartment within their complex. Executive Director John Snodderly said he was happy no one was hurt.

"Buildings can be replaced, furniture can be replaced, but people can't," he said.

LaFollette police said an investigation is ongoing into the crash. 

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A person and a small child were sleeping in their apartment Monday afternoon when a truck ran off the road and crashed into their home, according to LaFollette police.

It happened around 12:35 Wednesday afternoon when a truck ran off South Sixth Street and crossed Virginia Avenue. Police say the truck went over a small embankment, down a hill and into the living room of the apartment.

The driver of the truck says he lost his brakes.

No one was injured during the incident, and the residents are being moved into another apartment while theirs is under construction.

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