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KPD looking for homeless woman who hasn't been seen since January

11:09 PM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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A woman Knoxville Police say has been visible in the community for more than a decade is missing.

Sharon Leinhart, also known as Angela, lived on Knoxville's streets for around 12 years until she went missing in January.

KPD said there's no evidence that she has been harmed, but it has the homeless community on edge.

Her disappearance comes on the heels of four murders of homeless people this year alone.

Michael Davis is homeless. He works by selling a newspaper written by the homeless, The Amplifier. He said for years he saw Leinhart on a regular basis.

"She'd sit on the trolley stop most of the time. Not bothering people. Just real quiet," he said. "But I haven't seen her in at least five or six months that I know of."

"There's a lot of people that know her. A lot of people that will recognize her when they see her picture," said KPD spokesperson, Darrell DeBusk.

DeBusk said Leinhart's sister called KPD a few weeks ago to report her missing.

"We're growing concerned that she may be in danger since it has been so long with no contact and that's not like her. It's out of character," said DeBusk.

KPD says they've followed all leads only to find dead ends. There's been no activity in her bank account for three months.

"A comment was made by her that someone was going to give her a nice warm place to stay. Since then we haven't been able to locate anyone that's had any type of contact with her," he said.

Davis and others in the homeless community say her disappearance comes at a difficult time.

Four homeless people have been murdered this year. KPD says that's an usually high number. They say typically there is one or two per year.

"I'm worried about her and other people that can't protect themselves," said Davis.

Several people are facing charges in connection with the murders earlier this year.

Leinhart is 5' 7" tall, 135 pounds, and usually wears multiple layers of clothes.

Anyone with information on Leinart or her whereabouts is asked to contact the Knoxville Police Department's crime information line at 865-215-7212.

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The Knoxville Police Department is asking for help in finding a homeless woman who hasn't been seen since January.

Sharon Leinart, originally from Indiana, has been living on the streets of Knoxville for the last 11 to 13 years, and has not ventured away from the area in that time.

The last time she was seen, on January 23, she said "a man offered her a nice warm room."  Adding to the concern is that Leinart gets a disability check direct-deposited into a bank account every month, but that account has had no activity in the last three months.

Her sister in Indiana has reported her missing.

Leinart, 58, is 5'7" tall and weighs 135 pounds.  She has brown eyes and straight, shoulder-length hair that is dyed strawberry blond.

KPD says she typically wears several layers of clothing which usually consists of any kind of hat, waist-length or long jackets and coats, blue jeans, and sunglasses. She also wears a lot of blue eye shadow and red blush on her face.  In addition, she  wears rings and red nail polish, smokes Marlboro cigarettes, and will buy different color of boxes.


Anyone with information on Leinart or her whereabouts is asked to contact the Knoxville Police Department's crime information line at 865-215-7212.

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