The Archer trilogy

6:58 PM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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Years ago I met Erin Archer as she taught a room full of children how to play the violin. Soft spoken Archer helped out the children whose ages ranged from around five to seventeen.

The room lit up as she smiled and started the children on their musical journey for the day.

Year after year I would head back over to practice with the kids and Erin.

As the years went on I would see Erin playing on stage with bands see her out with friends. Jeez I think she still might have a floral raincoat I left at her house once.

 As I follower her on Facebook I was was so excited to see that she was pregnant, when she dropped the triplets news I was so excited for her. She and her husband were about to have their hands full.

Now, I'm not one of those people that can just drop by with a casserole because I don't want to bother folks. So when my producer said we were doing a Mother's Day Show, Erin was the first person I got in touch with. Who better to do a little story about being a mom than a mom of about year old triplets.

So earlier this week I went over to the Archer house to see everyone.

I was so excited to see Erin and then I walked around the corner to see the babies. How adorable. There they are eating some bread.

I'm not sure, but I think Megan noticed me first, then Christopher who was not real pleased at the lady in the house and then Samantha on the end was just a little curious, but she decided it was ok for me to stay.

 It is amazing to see what it takes to take care of a household. The support from friends and family Archer says is amazing. She has help from two young women as well.

After being there for two hours I would think you'd have to have a small army!

Archer says one of the hardest things about having triplets is that "can't tend to all of them at one time."

Well I was pretty impressed and even Erin says she "has become stronger as a person."

Three little people full of smiles, tears and joy just bouncing away. I can't wait to revisit this family soon. I think Christopher wanted to be my friend by the end.



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