Loud noise wakes dozens of west Knox County residents

11:11 AM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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A natural gas pressure valve release woke up dozens of west Knox County residents Monday morning.

According to KUB, a regulator failed in a natural gas pipeline around the 1900 block of Lovell Road. We were told by KUB that once the pressure reached a certain point it triggers a release valve, which created the loud noise that many people heard around 5:00 am.

KUB says a new regulator has been installed and that the system worked exactly as it should if a regulator should fail. 

That system is operated by Spectra Energy/East TN Natural Gas.  It reduces pressure from the main gas line running through East Tennessee to a usable pressure for KUB.

According to Spectra regional manager Eddie Anderson, the public was not in danger and the pipeline was not damaged.

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