School district stands by decision to distribute bibles

8:10 PM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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Hamilton County Schools is standing by its decision to distribute bibles to students at a Chattanooga elementary school.

Students received permission slips to take home a copy of the Gideons New Testament Bible. Several parents were upset and contacted national organizations to try to keep the books out of the school.

The school system says no student received a bible whose parents didn't allow it.

"The Gideons have made the New Testament available to children that want them with their parents' permission. I don't know anyone that would get upset about a book that their parents have to sign off on," said Greg Martin with the Hamilton County Department of Education.

The school board attorney says the district also has an all-or-nothing policy. That means if a principal allows the Boy Scouts to distribute literature, then so can the Gideons, Catholics, Muslims, or any other group.

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