Gibbs senior prank littered dead animals on campus

8:00 PM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
  • Dead raccoon hangs from flagpole at Gibbs High School. Submitted by anonymous student.
  • Dead raccoon hanging at Gibbs High School. Submitted by anonymous student
  • Dead raccoon hangs from flagpole at Gibbs High School. Submitted by anonymous student.
  • Dead raccoon hangs in tree on Gibbs High School campus. Submitted by anonymous student
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(WBIR-Knoxville, TN) A bizarre senior prank has horrified some students at Gibbs High School in Knox County.

Pictures submitted to WBIR by a student show a dead raccoon dangling by its feet from a tree, another shows one strung up on the school's flagpole.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office says the bodies of four raccoons, two possums, and a turtle were found found on campus Wednesday morning.

While many parents, students, and Corryton residents were appalled, some students said the prank was just a practical joke.

"I think that it's really funny," said one Gibbs senior. "Only at Gibbs would you see dead raccoons in the school breezeway hanging from stuff."

The seniors took finals Tuesday, and had Wednesday off, with the exception of graduation practice in the afternoon.

Seniors said the dead animals stand out, compared to class pranks in the past.

"In previous years there's been benches removed and put on top of the school, tractors driven to the school, cups dumped everywhere, and strings across the parking lot," one senior told 10News.

Investigators believe the animals were most likely run over by cars, and had been dead for some time. The bodies may be tested for rabies and other diseases.

Gibbs High School Principal Lynn Hill confirms the school in investigating, and says that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

Parents said the students responsible deserve to be punished, but that can be tricky since they are graduating.

"We hold our kids at higher standards than that," said Josie Rutter, a parent of four kids who are not in high school yet. "I mean for the entire community I think it's embarrassing."

The Knox County Sheriff's Office said graffiti was also found on the grass.

Knox County School District officials did not provide details on the school policy when it comes to senior pranks, or the punishment the students could face.

The investigation is ongoing.

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