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How did your school do in the Knox Co. security audit?

4:55 PM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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The audit reviewed keyless entry systems, security cameras, burglar alarms, and motion detectors. 10News was allowed to inspect redacted reports, but was not allowed to copy them so that we could share them with our viewers.

The list below note the problems found at each school. If a certain piece of technology is not noted, it's because there was no problem.

Note: not all of the schools have keyless entry systems. The audit revealed no problems with the ones that do, but the audit did not include an examination of the door locks on schools without that technology.

1. West Haven: 2 cameras failed. Needed cleaning.

2. Shannondale Elementary: 5 cameras needed cleaning or refocus, 1 motion detector was missing.

3. Sequoyah Elementary: 1 camera failed. Needed refocusing

4. Sam Hill Community Center: 6 cameras failed. Needed focusing, readjustment of view. Also 1 DVR failed the inspection.

5. Ritta Elementary: no problems noted

6. Ridgedale Alternative School: 9 cameras failed. 8 mini-dome cameras failed. One camera had a failing video feed, the others needed cleaning, refocusing, and readjustment of view.

7. Yoakley Transitional: 2 cameras failed. One needed a cable reattached, the other had no audio cover.

8. Powell Middle School: 5 cameras failed. 5 mini-dome cameras failed. One mini-dome camera had no video feed.

9. Pond Gap Elementary: 6 cameras failed. Needed focusing, cleaning, and view adjustment.

10. N. Knoxville Vocational: not clear from report if it had cameras. No other deficiencies noted.

11. Mt. Olive Elementary: no problems noted

12. Mooreland Elementary: 1 mini-dome camera failed.

13. Knoxville Adaptive Education Center: 6 cameras failed. Needed focusing, view adjustment. One had grainy picture.

14. Inksip Elementary: no problems noted.

15. Hardin Valley Elementary: no problems noted.

16. Hardin Valley Academy: 3 cameras failed. One had no picture, two needed their view adjustment. One burglar alarm keypad had no cover.

17. Halls High School: 2 cameras failed. One burglar alarm keypad failed.

18. Halls Elementary School: 1 camera failed. Four mini-dome cameras failed.

19. Gibbs Elementary: no problems noted.

20. Ft. Sanders Educational Development: 1 motion detector failed.

21. Farragut Middle School: 3 cameras failed. One mini-dome camera failed.

22. Farragut Primary School: 1 camera failed. Needed contrast adjustment.

23. Dogwood Elementary: 4 cameras failed. One mini-dome camera failed.

24. Cedar Bluff Primary School: 1 motion detector failed. Had no alarm.

25. Carter High School: 14 cameras failed. One wasn't working, three needed cleaning, three had video loss, five had distorted picture.

26. Blue Grass Elementary: no problems noted

27. Austin East High School: 1 camera failed. Broken housing. One keypad failed because it was missing. Three motion detectors failed because one had no alarm and the other two were missing.

28. Amherst Elementary: no problems noted.

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