Darin' Erin: Trailing off

10:31 AM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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I have a bunch of friends that post pictures to their Facebook about their off-roading over the weekend. John Becker sometimes dons his helmet and hits the trails as well. So when the chance came to "be like Becker" I took it.

My friend Jeremy is also one of those people and he hooked me up with some of the guys he rides with.

I met them at Ijams Nature Center, the Mead's Quarry part. I brought my bike and my helmet and the first thing I learned was that I should have left my basket at home. My bike was too "city" for these trails. So the boys loaned me a bike and we were on our way.

I have to tell you that sometimes during these dares Photographer JJ get hit by an errant ball or baton... but today I saw a fear in JJ's eyes that I have never seen. It happened as I came down the hill and I looked at him and I may have been going a little fat and I was trying to turn away, but not crash into trees. Let's just say I did not hit him but I may have taken a little bit of his life with me in that dare. Rest assured he was fine the rest of the time. We probably won't be able to do many other bike dares after that.

Honestly, I have hiked some of Ijams, but getting to be part of the Urban Wilderness that Knoxville has to offer is pretty cool. After I tried and failed to run myself off the road and to maime the other riders we came out of the woods.

The parking lot was packed! Who knew Tuesday night was bike riding night? There were a ton of people and one of the food trucks was setting up. Honestly if I had less of a city bike and more of a country bike I might be out there a lot more often.

To learn more about the trails check out some of these websites!

Outdoor Knoxville

Appalachian Mountain Bike Club

Legacy Parks Foundations

Thanks to everyone for being nice as we took off our training wheels remember to learn the rules... and stick with 'em.


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