Wet weekend weather blamed for bad business

11:27 AM, May 20, 2013   |    comments
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(WBIR - Knoxville) Rain is a sound East Tennesseans have been hearing a lot of lately, especially on the weekends. Sunday, Sir Goony's Family Fun Center had zero customers due to the wet weather.

Owner Sheila Stringfield said, "It's very quiet. There's usually several dozen people sliding on the slides and maybe 50 to 100 people who come through playing golf every couple of hours,"

Stringfield said Sir Goony's has been basically empty just about every weekend for the past month due to rain.

"I've had parties that have been scheduled on a Saturday, rescheduled for the next Saturday and it got rained out for the second time," said Stringfield. "Finally (they) cancelled, and they're probably doing something else."

Sunday, there were a few people enjoying the Ijams Nature Center despite the wet conditions.

Charlie Morgan with the Ijams Nature Center said, "Hardcore outdoor people, hardcore nature lovers will be here. The people will come with their boots and their umbrellas and their rain gear and they'll still come out."

However, Morgan said she's noticed a drastic decrease in the number of weekend visitors to the nature center since Mother Nature has been filling the blue sky with dark clouds. Morgan also said because of the rainy weekends, the nature center has had to cancel several outdoor events, resulting in the loss of hundreds of dollars. Despite dreary conditions, she said the nature center's staff is remaining optimistic.

"We know that for the trees to be this green and for the grass to look good we've got to have rain," said Morgan.

Sir Goony's staff is also staying positive. Stringfield said, "I'm sure [guests are] going to come out as soon as the weather is nice."

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