James White Pkwy. extension decision expected by end of June

7:22 PM, Jun 1, 2013   |    comments
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It's been a source of controversy for years, and now TDOT is very close to deciding whether to extend the James White Parkway.

TDOT Commissioner John Schroer is expected to make a decision on the expansion project by the end of next month. The expansion is said to help alleviate the current traffic congestion on Chapman Highway.

Back in December, a public hearing was held regarding the expansion project, and TDOT says they got a lot of feedback from residents on both sides of the proposal.

"We're still reviewing those comments as part of this environmental phase to the project, but it seems like for the most part the comments were pretty much split down the middle. There are some people that are in support of the project, and there are some people that are not in support of the project," said TDOT Spokesman Mark Nagi.

If Schroer approves the project, James White Parkway will be extended from Moody Avenue to Governor John Sevier Highway, making it about five miles longer.

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