Teen escapes fire by jumping out second-story window

9:28 PM, Jun 3, 2013   |    comments
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A teenager escaped a fire ripping through his home by jumping out of a second-story window.

The fire happened early Monday morning in Wilson County, which is near Nashville. Seventeen-year-old Cade Crosslin and his friend were supposed to be staying somewhere else, but came home after Crosslin's parents were asleep.

When the fire broke out, Crosslin's friend made it downstairs to safety, but Crosslin couldn't see through the smoke, and decided to jump.

"They saw this truck, didn't realize he was in the house, and there he came flying out the window," said Cathy Steen.

The window is about 14 or 15 feet high.

Remarkably, Crosslin's family says he didn't break any bones. He and his friend are at a Nashville-area hospital, being treated for smoke inhalation. Crosslin's parents both made it out safely.

Fire investigators believe a grill may have somehow sparked the fire.

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