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Police: Oliver Springs teacher sent worker to quarantined meth house

10:20 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
Amelia Drennan
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A lawn mowing request landed a Roane County special education teacher in trouble with the law.

Police arrested 45-year-old Amelia Drennan for sending someone to mow her lawn even though she knew it was quarantined as a meth lab site.

The Oliver Springs High School principal confirms Drennan is a special education teacher at the school.

She is out on bond and has a court hearing in late July.

Back in June, police arrested Drennan's husband, 48-year-old William Drennan.

They call him a "known meth cooker" and at last check he was still in jail.

"It's a shock that she would have that kind of stuff around being a teacher and all," said Drennan's neighbor, April Gilmore.

The Drennan's home is sealed off with crime scene tape.

Gilmore said it's a quiet, safe neighborhood. She's upset they had an active meth lab so close to their homes.

Gilmore said she had an idea something was going on at the home with so many cars coming and going from their home.

"It was mostly the same people all the time.  Even if you would get up at night you would see the traffic.  I mean it was just obvious.  You can't hide it," said Gilmore.

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