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A new party option includes an indoor tree fort

9:40 AM, Jun 21, 2013   |    comments
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"It's an outdoor tree fort indoors and it's downtown. We love downtown," Sara Alsobrooks said.

She's runs a space in the Old City called Remedy Treehouse. It can be rented by the hour or reserved for a party with a theme.

"We have three girl themes and three boy themes. And the themes come with party decor, cupcakes from The Sweetery, lemonade and painting," Event Planner Amy Kitts said.

A theme at a recent party was American Girl."We made leotards for the dolls and tutus. And they are painting cupcakes," Kitts explained.

The party girl Madison Alsobrooks said, "You put your own personality in it."

Remedy Treehouse is next door to Remedy Coffee in the Old City. That's a business that not only sells coffee but also used to be home to a church that has since outgrown the space but not its commitment to community involvement.

The indoor tree house space was built for Knoxlife Church as a place for kids to play during Sunday services. It opened for public events in April.

"Having this be used only on Sunday mornings, we didn't like it. So we're glad that we can use it for other things, for parties, or just to have kids downtown have play groups," Alsobrooks said.

Kitts said, "The parents love it because it is very easy, they don't have to do anything, they just have to show up and bring the kids. "

How about the children?

Madison Alsobrooks said, "You can scream you can shout you can run and play."

Kitts said, "They scream. A lot."

Are you noticing a pattern?

"Most kids don't even have a treehouse and their house let alone an indoor treehouse. They get to paint, they get to scream, they get to run around and their parents are a little relaxed because it's not their house," she said.

Kids can skip the tree house and play something more sedate like checkers.

Quiet time for painting is part of the party package.

"I think my painting is great. I think my painting stands out from all of them," Madison announced.She's the birthday girl so she can brag and scream.

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