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Darin' Erin: Anvil Shooting

6:18 PM, Jun 26, 2013   |    comments
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Every year for the Fourth of July people flock to the Museum of Appalachia for the patriotic holiday. Now they have brought us up here to be part of their test for the big day.

Elaine joins us from the museum. What is this about an anvil? In days past it was a big tradition with people to come together and the blacksmiths would put their anvils together with a little gunpowder and BOOM there went the fireworks of the day. Of course I was more curious as to why in 2013 they weren't using "normal" fireworks or sparklers.. that would scare poor Clover the cow a little less.

Elaine explained that it's tradition. People come from all over to check it out. So we went over to see how the guys were doing.I was very happy to see that Mickey had all of his fingers and since he had boots on I'm not sure about his toes. He said he did though, I'll believe him. He actually has Photographer JJ and my life in his hands. Elaine explains how on top of one of the anvils they have a double sided tape to sort of keep the powder in place then it is covered with a metal plate. Then the other anvil is hoisted upside down on top. Then it seems Elaine runs away claiming to check on something... I turned to see her standing out of the anvils reach.

Mickey had the fuse in his hand. He was thoughtful enough to make it a little longer so JJ and I had time to hide behind the hay hill. Rather, get out of the way safely. I think the video will show how as SOON as the fuse was lit JJ and I were running for the hills. Then we stood as if in a Bugs Bunny cartoon staring at the sparkly fuse getting smaller and smaller.

BOOM the guttural metal exploded into the sky.

OK maybe just a few feet, but the cacophony of animal sounds is also pretty amazing. Seems the peacocks aren't huge fans of the celebration. They were fine after a few minutes. I'm not sure about JJ though. I was hoping that my first and only attempt at anvil shooting might have been a bit more impressive. alas, it was not.

I'll blame the weather.

For more information visit their website here..

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