Hearing reset for parents charged in connection with child's death

2:34 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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(WBIR, Knoxville) - The preliminary hearing scheduled for two parents charged in their 6-month-old daughter's death was reset Monday due to several factors.

Police charged Angela Major and Ken Mason with reckless homicide after their child, Kelsey Major, was shot and killed.

According to documents, a witness in the house overheard the child's parents fighting over a handgun while the baby girl sat at their feet.

Major's defense attorney revealed in court that there was a conflict of interest in the case, and he would have to withdraw.

Plus, the eyewitness in the case is in jail in another county and could not testify Monday.

A woman who says she is Mason's fiance claims he is not a bad guy, and that he is a fanatic about gun safety.

"Everything is supposed to be secure. He taught our boys that and everything. The gun is not something to play with and it sure is not something to fight about," said Anita Dean.

Major's family did not want to talk on camera.

Before Monday, both bonds were set at $1 million. Mason's attorney asked the judge to lower it. His is now $200,000, while Major's remain's at $1 million.

A new hearing date is set for July 15th.











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