Northshore Town Center sees continued growth

5:05 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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(WBIR, Knoxville) It's less than two months until Knox County's newest elementary school will open its doors to students for the first time, and that new building is just one example of a trend in West Knox County.

The growth of neighborhoods and new businesses has been strong in recent months, and Northshore Town Center is no exception.

Publix and Target opened their doors to customers first, and several more businesses have since joined them along with homes and a new school.

For years, it wasn't clear whether the concept of Northshore Town Center would work.

"The housing decline really slowed us down, and then the lack of activity on the commercial property hurt," said housing developer Mike Stevens.

But now, you can see sold sign after sold sign.

Stevens says home sales have picked up here this year as more and more businesses are moving in.

Now although it is not known what new businesses or restaurants will come to this area soon, one thing is for sure. Northshore Elementary School is opening in just a few weeks, and officials are hoping that will bring even more business to the area.

County Commissioner Mike Hammond says the school will attract younger families moving in the area, and he says that will attract new development.

"The businesses want to go where the people are, and if more and more people are coming into that area, moving into that area, then yes it is going to be a great boom for whoever wants to put their business there," said Hammond.

The ribbon cutting for Northshore Elementary is set for August 8th. It will enroll about 800 students.

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