Family says dog saved them from carbon monoxide poisoning

10:12 AM, Jul 6, 2013   |    comments
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(WBIR - Bristol, Va.) A Bristol, Virginia family is recovering after a close call with a silent killer and they have their dog to thank for their lives.

Michael Carr was asleep Thursday night when his dog Buster Brown woke him up. He got up and found his girlfriend was unconscious on the stairs near his room.

He began looking for help outside, and some fortunate timing helped save his family.

"There was a life saving crew that was coming up the road that wasn't even coming here. It was going over to Brother Road and I stopped them," said Carr.

The crews helped get some of his family members from the house.

After some investigating, crews found Carr was using a generator in his basement which was slowly seeping carbon monoxide into the house. Six people went to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carr says if Buster hadn't woken him up, the family could have died.


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