Hit-and-run victim, 11, says he forgives the man who hit him

9:30 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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(WBIR - Knoxville) The victim in Monday's hit and run accident in East Knoxville said he forgives the man who ran into him while on his bike.

"I should've been going slower than on a street, so it's not completely their fault," Elijah Jeter-Whitten said on the steps of his home. He's been home since Wednesday after going through surgery at UT Medical.

A big, red cast covers his right leg along with several bandages on his back.

"Me and my friend were riding bikes, just enjoying our time together," Jeter-Whitten recalled.

He said when the black SUV hit him, the vehicle stopped, moved the bike, and one of the occupants asked if the boy was okay. The SUV left moments later, leaving the 11-year-old on the street, injured.

The boy said three women took him to his mother, LaToya Harris, who rushed him to the hospital.

"My first reaction is 'where's he at?' He's right here, I open the car, my son was then like this, a bone sticking out from his leg," Harris said.

She said after this July 4th holiday with many kids on the streets playing, there is a message of safety she wants to share.

"Better educate our kids on being more vigilant and paying more attention when being on the streets," she added.

And as for the people who hit her son, she wondered when or if they'll ever turn themselves in.

"How can anyone be so careless and heartless that they would leave a human being on the street, let alone a child," Harris said.

The boy should have his cast removed in six weeks, followed by wearing a corrective boot for the foreseeable future.

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