Rescheduled fireworks hope to avoid more rain

10:51 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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If you didn't get your fill of fireworks in the rain this Fourth of July, it looks like there will be more opportunities to get in on the action. Several cities that decided to move their shows to drier dates now say they're seeing more wet weather in the forecast.

This year, mother nature made it clear she does not take orders from our founding fathers.

"We researched the weather and waited as long as we could and every indication was yesterday would have been a wash out," said Mike Keith with the city of Athens.

They decided to delay their show until Saturday at 9:30 p.m. It should have given PyroShows a little extra time for things to dry out on the steep hill where they step up the show, only that never happened.

"It was on again off again postponed canceled. It's just been rough," said pyrotechnician Chris Campbell.

The City of Athens also had to postpone their fireworks last year. But back then, it was because everything was too dry, not too wet.

They wound up finally lighting the candles over Labor Day weekend, but fewer people showed up to the show. That's why they've decided to stick it out with the Fourth of July weekend this year.

And Athens is not alone with their weather woes.

Wash out weather forced the city of Oak Ridge to move their show until Sunday at 10 p.m.

"Now you're watching the weather forecast and we got a chance of rain again on Sunday," said Fire Chief Darryl Kerley.

But, this time they say the show must go on, rain or shine.

"The public might get a little wet, but the fireworks will go on," said Kerley.

PyroShows says rain is not a problem.

"We can shoot them in a light drizzle. The bigger problem is if someone will sit there and watch them in the rain," said Campbell.

Either way, they'll be ready, and the city is hoping it doesn't rain on their rescheduled parade.


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