Volunteers needed for Labor of Love: Sertoma Center

5:11 PM, Aug 8, 2013   |    comments
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Volunteers needed for Labor of Love: Sertoma Center

Email laboroflove@wbir.com for more information or to sign up to volunteer!

July 10- Grade site and remove stumps

July 12- Volunteer group to install silt fence and sign. 

July 15-19- Dig and pour footings.
Donations needed- concrete and rebar

July 23-24- Lay block (mason)
Donations needed- block, mortar, and sand
Labor needed- block masons and 3 volunteers to carry block and
clean up

July 25- Put gravel in foundation
Donation needed- gravel to fill below slab
Labor- we need a bobcat and operator, and three to
five volunteers to rake gravel flat.

July 26- Rough in plumbing for slab pour.
Donation needed- PVC pipe for drains
Labor- Plumbing subcontractor (licensed) and 2-3 volunteers
to help.

July 29-30- Prep and pour slab
Donation needed- concrete for slab
Labor- Concrete finisher and 2-3 volunteers (this one is very hard work)

July29- Aug.2 Aug. 3- Prep for framing day,
Labor- 4 to 5 carpenters and 8-10 volunteers. I want to pre-build, headers, t's and corners, and cut all the 2x4 plates before the framing day on Saturday.

Labor- a few ringers (carpenters) and two shifts of volunteers, morning and afternoon, Friday and Saturday.

Aug. 12,16- punch out framing
Set windows and exterior doors
Donations needed - windows and exterior doors
Labor needed- 2 carpenters and 3 volunteers

Aug. 12-16 install roofing
Donation needed- roofing shingles
Labor- roofing crew and volunteers to clean up and carry shingles

Aug. 12-17 install siding, fascia, and soffit. (outside work)
Donation needed- siding materials
Labor- siding crew and 6 volunteers to help

Aug 12-17 Lay brick
Donation needed- brick, mortar, sand(outside work)
Labor- masonry crew and 6 volunteers to carry brick, mix mortar and clean up.

Aug 17- catch up day for inside and out
Clean up inside and out
Prime siding
Donation needed- paint for exterior
Labor needed- 8-10 unskilled for clean up, semi skilled for painting, I would like 2-3 professional painters

Aug 19-23- rough in for plumbing
Donation needed- plumbing piping and fixtures
Labor- licensed plumbing contractor and 2-3 volunteers

Aug 19-23 rough in for HVAC
Donation needed- HVAC contractor and equipment
Labor- 2-4 volunteers to help HVAC contractor as needed

Aug 26-30- electrical and IT rough ins
Donation needed- electrical materials and licensed electrical contractor- IT contractor and materials.
Labor- Contractor and 2-4 volunteers per crew

Aug 31- final clean and prep for dry wall
Labor- 10 volunteers

Sept 2- inspections for all rough ins

Sept 3-4- Insulation and energy inspection
Donation needed- insulation contractor
2-4 volunteers for clean up

Sept 4- stock sheetrock
Donation needed- drywall materials and labor

Sept 4-13 hang and finish drywall-
2-4 volunteers per day to help with clean up

Sept 13-14- prime walls(paint)
Donation needed- primer and paint
Labor- 6-8 volunteers

Sept 16-20- vinyl floors, prime trim, deliver cabinets
Donations needed- interior trim and doors, cabinets, vanities, and tops,

Sept 20-21- install trim and cabinets and counter tops
Labor- 4 skilled carpenters, and 8-10 volunteers per side.

Sept 23-28- complete trim as needed
Interior paint
Pour outside concrete walks, patio and ramps
Donation needed- paint, concrete
Labor- painters, concrete finishers, and volunteers to help

Sept 30- Oct. 11- complete all mechanical systems
HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and IT
Donation needed- the same contractors will complete each phase
Labor- volunteers- 6-8 per day to help as needed

Oct. 14-19- complete all flooring
Install door hardware
Install grab bars
Touch up paint
Pave parking lot
Install landscaping

Donation needed- flooring contractor to install and donate materials
Hardware and grab bars
Paving contractor
Landscape company

Labor needed- 8-10 volunteers daily to clean, paint, install hardware and landscape and put on final touches.

Week off Oct 21-
Dedicate the house and move in!

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