Darin' Erin: Land paddlin'

6:29 PM, Jul 17, 2013   |    comments
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The guys from Billy Lush Band decided that it would be a good idea for us to get back on wheels. I think Photographer JJ got a little nervous when I told him we'd be off the ground for a few.

You may be familiar with Stand Up Paddleboarding. There are some classes around town and all the cool kids are doing it . It's a pretty good core workout either way. The land paddling is a little different animal, but lucky for me no bathing suit.

After the skateboarding incident a couple years ago I was a little scared when Abe and I spoke about the dare. Um, you know last time I was on a skateboard I ended up in the Emergency Room, right?

Abe and his business partner Kenny tried to make me feel better. Of course they make it look easy, just rolling along. So it was time to get started, but it seems that Sarah Van Sickle McClain was already showing off her skills. You know when you shoot these TV things the newbies come out of the woodwork.

I keed I keed.

Abe gave me a lesson about the boards which are handmade right here in Knoxville. It seems for me slow and steady was good. Abe also had a hold of me so it was a little like a kid on training wheels.Then he let me go and the wind picked me up and off we went.

Ok then a park bench got in the way and that stopped my dreaming of a stand-up paddle boarding award.

I finally got the hang of it and decided that Sarah and I should have a race. I'm pretty sure we may have run into each other while the boys cringed about the boards. After we were done shooting Photographer JJ even got up on the board. What a great time and I'm pretty sure my abs got a good workout. I'll be back to rent out one of those. FUN!

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