DNA: Bikini model is not the child of Rep. Steve Cohen

9:58 PM, Jul 18, 2013   |    comments
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The DNA results are in, and it turns out the bikini model a Tennessee congressman tweeted his affection for during President Obama's State of the Union address is not U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen's daughter.

People began speculating the two were having a romantic affair after the public noticed the congressman tweeting the 24-year-old.

That's when Congressman Cohen revealed he believed Victoria Brink was his long-lost daughter. But a paternity test tells a different story.

Cohen told WBIR's sister station WMC of Memphis that the misunderstanding started after he Googled a girlfriend from 20 years ago.

He saw she had a daughter, and believed she would have been conceived while they were still involved.

Cohen told WMC the girl's mother told Brink that Cohen was her real father. For the past three years Brink and Cohen have been communicating privately, until the tweets forced their relationship in to the open.

Cohen, who has no children, said he was thrilled to have a daughter.

"You know, I was real proud to be her father. I was real happy to have a daughter to share things with. And now I don't," said Cohen.

When asked why it took them so long to undergo a DNA test, Cohen responded he didn't want to Brink to think he was denying her.

"I didn't want Victoria to think in any way whatsoever that I wasn't embracing her as her father," said Cohen. "It's very difficult, it's emotional, it's like a semi-death."

Cohen says he believes the situation was a genuine misunderstanding.



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