Friday on 10News at 6: Photographers & bears

2:50 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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(WBIR- Cades Cove, TN) Here's an example of the proper way for bears and photographers to behave. 10News reporter Jim Matheny was parked at Cades Cove on Thursday shooting video when this bear and its two cubs emerged from the nearby brush. Jim stood directly beside his car with the door open ready to get inside in case the bear became protective or aggressive.

This bear behaved like normal wild bears should. It wanted nothing to do with humans, checked the road for its cubs' safe passage, and ran away. At no point did Jim try to approach the animals to get closer or feed them. His camera has a large enough lens to provide these close-up shots from a safe distance.

Friday on 10News at 6, we'll talk about a couple of troublesome events this week where people behaved badly with bears and explain what the Park is doing to prevent food and photos from turning fatal for visitors and/or the bears.

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