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Burchett likes his job, but would 'never say never' to running for Congress

3:31 PM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
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(WBIR-Knoxville) The online political site Politico is reporting Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett is being approached to run against Senator Lamar Alexander in August 2014 primary.

The speculation comes after Senator Alexander's vote to pass a bill on comprehensive immigration reform, something the Tea Party has been staunchly against from the get go. |

Politico also reports Alexander's voting habits reflect a more moderate approach rather than a far-right perspective.

Now, Politico says state tea party groups are looking for a suitable conservative contender, and Burchett's name popped up.

Burchett, however, says he's focused on his current job.

"I'm enjoying being Mayor, and I think we've done a fair job. I think the public is very receptive to what we're doing. And to say, 'can I take it to the next step?' going from an executive position to a legislative position where I'd be one of many instead of one of one?  It's flattering and it's something I'll look at and continue to do so," said Mayor Burchett.

He also says he'd never say never to something like moving to Washington, but that, right now, his place is in Knox County.

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