Accused school shooter's new trial will be heard by jury from out of area

3:31 PM, Jul 29, 2013   |    comments
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  • Kenneth Bartley
  • Kenneth Bartley

(WBIR- Jacksboro) When accused Campbell County school shooter Kenneth Bartley faces a new trial, his case will be heard by a jury from another area.

Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood made that ruling Monday morning.  Bartley's attorney had requested a change of venue for the upcoming trial, because of the ongoing public interest and media coverage of Bartley's case.

"There would not be anyone, qualified as a juror, that has not heard of the facts and circumstances of this case," Bartley's attorney, Greg Isaacs said to the courts Monday.

Instead of moving the trial, however, Judge Blackwood determined that the jury pool would be selected from another part of the state.

In attendance was Assistant Principal Ken Bruce's widow, Jo. She hoped this trial would lead to closure over what happened nearly eight years ago.

"We're okay with that. I think the facts speaks for themselves, and if this is what we need to do to get closure, then we accept it," she said.

The trial is set for February 24.

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Accused Campbell County High School shooter Kenneth Bartley is due to a face a judge Monday morning.

Bartley is set to request a change of a venue for his upcoming retrial according to attorney Greg Isaacs. In a previously filed motion, Isaacs argued that "the sensational facts of this case... has permeated Campbell County and surrounding areas." For that, Isaacs believes Bartley should not face a Campbell County jury.

In 2011, a judge ordered Barley's previous guilty plea thrown out, after his attorney argued that he had been pressured into the plea and didn't have the time to discuss it with his parents.

In November 2005, investigators said Bartley, who was only 14 at the time, brought a loaded gun to Campbell County high school. In the school office, Assistant Principal Ken Bruce was shot and killed. Principal Gary Seale and Assistant Principal Jim Pierce were wounded.

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