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Ask Todd: A mild summer

5:39 PM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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Jenny Underwood says, "It has been a fairly mild year so far. What is the least amount of days we have had over 90 in a given year?"

Let's begin with our summer temperatures. So far this year, we've had eight days that were above 90 degrees. Last year we had 45 days, and the average for East Tennessee is 36. So this has been a very mild summer so far.

The year that had the least number of days above 90 degrees on record was 1882, when we had four days.

And Alex Carli asks, "With so much rain this year so far, and the summer being cooler than average, does that mean lots of snow for winter?"

We looked back at the years that had the most rainfall, and their winters had snowfall amounts below normal.

This year, we're in the top four years for most rainfall by this date. The record for that was held in 1994, when we'd received 54 inches of snow by mid-August.

The National Weather Service is predicting a mild winter, so it's not likely we'll have a lot of snow this year because of our rainfall amounts.

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