Window cleaners support family of fallen Knoxville man

10:07 PM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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An East Tennessee family is receiving support from across the country after a deadly accident over the weekend.

Knoxville resident Justin Bass, 31, died after falling out of a hydraulic lift Saturday in Dandridge.

Authorities say Bass was washing the windows of a house when the machine he was in rolled off an embankment. Jefferson County Sheriff Bud McCoig said Bass was then thrown from the basket of the lift. He said Bass ultimately landed on a pile of rocks 60 feet below.

Since his death, Bass' family has been getting support, not just from their community, but from others in the window cleaning and power washer industry.

Fellow Ohio window cleaner Brennon Williams had only met Bass four or five times. He was a friend of a friend that Williams knew in the window cleaning industry.

He said he knew he had to help when he learned Bass had left behind a family of three following his fatal accident. So, with the permission of Bass' family, he created the website

Williams hopes to collect donations on the behalf of Bass' family to help with their expenses. So far, the site has collected almost $8,000 from more than 130 people in just two days.

Williams specifically reached out to window cleaners and power washers across the country to assist in the effort. Industry workers from from at least eight states have pitched in.

One company from Springfield Missouri donated $100, saying, "as fellow window cleaners we want to contribute to the care of his family."

Williams said he's not surprised other window cleaners are helping out.

"A lot of us are just trying to build our businesses and get by and support our family," he said.

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