Update: Former Titans linebacker Bulluck releases statement on arrest

3:42 PM, Aug 25, 2013   |    comments
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Bulluck has released a statement to The Tennessean about the incident:

"I was out with friends last night in Nashville and was taking a cab home," Bulluck said. "There was a misunderstanding between me and the cab driver about getting my money back for a service not rendered. At 2 a.m., things could easily get lost in translation, but regardless of who was right or wrong, I regret putting myself in that situation."

Bulluck is scheduled to work on the broadcast team for the Titans-Vikings preseason game on Thursday in Minneapolis. WKRN General Manager Stan Knott on Sunday said a decision hasn't been made on whether Bulluck will be replaced on the broadcast team.

"We are not ready to talk about that, and I think it would be inappropriate to talk about that yet," Knott said.

Original Story

Former Tennessee Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck was arrested early Sunday morning on a felony robbery charge stemming from an alleged dispute with a cab driver.

Court records show Bulluck was taken in police custody at the Criminal Justice Center for about two and a half hours before being released just after 6 a.m. Sunday on $10,000 bond.

According to a criminal affidavit, Bulluck leaned through an open passenger window of a cab wanting a ride in front of Blue Jeans bar on Church Street. The cab driver said he told Bulluck he already had fare when the former linebacker grabbed him by his shirt and took a $100 bill out of his hands. He then fled from the scene, according to the affidavit.

The cab driver later led authorities to Bulluck in a nearby parking lot, where the former Titan was arrested with two $100 bills on him, the affidavit said. One of the bills was taken by police as evidence.

Police said the driver followed them, wanting to press charges. Bulluck was later charged with a Class C felony. A police release later said Bulluck smelled of alcohol during the incident.

The former Pro Bowler had been on the broadcast team for last night's Titans preseason game hours before his arrest.

He is set to appear in a Davidson County courtroom on the charge on Sept. 26.

Bulluck was a first round pick by the Titans in 2000. He signed a six-year deal, $36.035 million contract extension with the Titans in 2004. He signed a one-year, $2.5 million deal with the Giants in 2010.

Hashi claimed to have been involved in a similar incident in 2007 involving state Sen. Ophelia Ford. Hashi at the time told The Tennessean that, as he picked up Ford from the Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville, she grabbed his shirt, tearing a shirt button and then cursed at him. There is no evidence in court records or newspaper archives that Hashi pursued charges in the 2007 incident, despite his insistence at the time that he would.

Hashi was also convicted in 1999 of filing a false accident report, according to Davidson County court records.

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