Hiwassee College shows off new fleet of Smart Cars

12:14 PM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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(WBIR-Madisonville) Hiwassee College in Madisonville is rolling out new advertising, and it will actually help save the school money.

The College introduced five new SMART cars on Friday, finished with tiger stripes and the school's decal.

The cars will be given out to school employees when they make business trips around the area.

President Robin Tricoli says the kind of exposure they'll get with these cars will be great, plus it will look good on the bottom line.

"Through collaberations and efforts in what we might be able to do to maximize the resources, we took a look at the cost was, what we were spending each year, and what we might be able to get out of the advertising, and it was just an absolute no-brainer," said Tricoli.

In total, Tricoli says these SMART cars could save the university $20,000 dollars a year based on fuel reimbursements alone.

It also furthers the school's goal of being environmentally-friendly without any impact on its budget. 

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Hiwassee College will show off its new fleet of Smart Cars Friday morning.

People can see the college's five Smart Cars for the first time during a press conference at 10 a.m.  College officials said their admissions and advancement departments will use the new cars for school-related business.

Officials expects the cars to save the college over $20,000 per year in mileage reimbursements to employees.

"We were spending over $40,000 per year in mileage reimbursement to our staff who drive their personal vehicles for school related business," said Dr. Bill Back, Hiwassee College vice president, in a release. "One of our goals for this upcoming year is to expand our footprint to reach even more potential students and donors. Expanding our footprint would have meant an even greater cost, but our Smart Cars will allow us to do this and at the same time save us over $20,000 per year."

The college will also use the Smart Cars as a rolling billboard. All of the cars have a customized wrap, which makes them look like tiger cubs and includes the college's contact information.

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