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Inky Johnson motivates Scott High students

11:04 PM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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Legendary UT Vols football player Inky Johnson pumped up Scott High players just before they took to the field for their big Friday night game against Cumberland County.

Johnson paced the locker room as he intensely told the dozens of aspiring professional football players they have what it takes to win, but they first must believe it.

Scott High Head Football Coach Keith Shannon said, "He helps to bring that inner drive and that determination, I think, from each individual player on our team and I think it's been a great blessing for us to have the opportunity to get to meet him."

Johnson said, "I just want them to realize that they are not a product of their circumstances, but they're a product of their decisions and choices. And to never let a circumstance define their life. And to go out and just empty the bucket in life every day to become the best possible individual that they can possibility become in all aspects and all phases of life."

Soon after, the Highlanders ran out on their field filled with a fire to take on the Cumberland County Jets. The entire time Johnson stood on the sideline continuing to push them.

"What this situation has done through me for other people is priceless," said Johnson.

10News is told Scott High School had a big lead late in the game and went on to win.

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