UT restricts fundraising on game days

11:24 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
UT recommends Pedestrian Walkway as one area student groups can hold fundraisers at during game days.
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(WBIR-Knoxville) The University of Tennessee football and basketball games bring tens of thousands of people to the campus, making it an ideal location for fundraising.

But new rules from UT are changing when, where, and how student groups can fund raise.

UT sent an email to several groups on Tuesday that read:

All fundraising or "canning" requests for football and basketball seasons are being denied. The game day experience for all types of guests is not as optimal as it could be when fundraising requests/solicitations are occurring outside of a sports venue and the interactions it might have between those student groups fundraising and those patrons attending an event. It is paramount for all visitors to a UT athletics event to have an exceptional experience and we hope this does not pose issues for your group. Alternative locations could be Pedestrian Walkway, Presidential Courtyard, around the Torchbearer statue, UC, etc. Please resubmit a request for an alternative location, if desired.

"Canning" is when someone asks for donations, using a can to hold the money.

"Canning on campus has been happening for several years. The reason for the change is in a conversation between the Dean of Students Office and UT Athletics, we wanted the experience that patrons, community members, faculty, students and staff to have at athletic facilities to be as positive as possible," Associate Dean of Students Dr. Ken Gassiot said.

The email mentions, as Gassiot explained, that groups can still hold fundraisers on campus during game days but in approved locations not near the stadiums.

Circle K International (CKI) President Blake Roller is planning a fundraiser in two weeks, selling food outside the game. Roller's request was approved on Wednesday. Gassiot said the area CKI will be stationed at is outside of the now restricted areas for fundraising on game days.

"You know, you've got 100,000 people coming to you. You're not really having to go out to them, they're coming to you, and you just cannot beat that atmosphere of having constant traffic of people coming by to support your group. They may not all support your group but you're going to have a lot more pedestrian traffic then you would on a normal classroom day," Roller said.

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