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Stoney Sharp

6:18 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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Just call me Oprah!

You think I'm kidding!?! No, Oprah and I have a lot in common!! A bright red, shiny picture frame displays her portrait on my desk. It makes me happy. Dolly's picture sits right
beside it.

I was born in a small Mississippi town. So was she. I was destined for greatness. So was she. We both have odd, cool names. Oh, and she also worked for TV stations in Tennessee. She and I want the best for mankind. And just like Ms. Winfrey has already accomplished, I too hope to eventually make the jump to the entertainment industry.

Okay. Okay. Oprah is a SUPERSTAR and I'm not. I know. However, many days, I swear I'm walking in her footsteps. I love that. ...just not in those crazy high heels.

As far as my current TV gig, I joined the 10News family in 2006. Since then, WBIR has crafted me into an award-winning, Emmy-nominated journalist. I love reporting the latest news to viewers from the field, and I also love filling-in for our amazing anchors. I shine the most on the anchor desk. I love connecting with viewers. It's like a great conversation.

When I moved to East Tennessee, after reporting for a CBS affiliate in Mississippi, I thought Knoxville was the BIGGEST city in the world!! No joke. It took me months to learn the interstate system. My dad actually drew me a map. We don't have big roads in Mississippi.

I have fallen in love with this place. I love the views, attractions,
WBIR and my co-workers. On a warm weekend...I'm either jogging, zooming around in my convertible, sitting on a downtown patio or somewhere on a
beach (I LOVE 30A). If it's a cold weekend...I'm probably roasting near the fireplace, looking at Dollywood's lights, visiting Vegas or flying to NYC. I also enjoy attending events.

Okay. Enough about me. If you have a sizzling story idea, I'd love to get my hands on it. Email me at

...and don't have to call me Oprah.

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