Association rules force veteran to remove flag pole

An armed forces veteran who lives in West Knox County says she'll take down a flag pole and flag in her front yard to conform to her homes association rules.

An Air Force veteran says she is being forced by her homeowners association to take down her flag pole.

Delia Foster has lived in the View Harbour subdivision in West Knox County since 2010.

She served 24 years with the U.S. Air Force before retiring in 1999.

In June 2014, Foster's brother, also a veteran, wanted to give her an American flag and flag pole.

Foster says she reviewed the View Harbour Neighborhood Association's rules and did not see any restrictions on flags or flag poles.

"When you look through the covenants, the words "flag pole" and "flag" are not here," she said.

So she installed the flag pole in her front yard.

Board members then told her she is allowed to hang flags outsider her home--just not with a pole. They asked her to remove it and to then ask the board for written permission.

After reviewing the fine print, Foster believes the board does have the legal right to make her remove it. But that does not mean she thinks it's right.

"I do feel that the flag is considered a living entity. I do think it deserves attention and respect at all times. I think that the best way to display it is on a flag pole where it can fly freely," said Foster.

Foster served on the View Harbour Neighborhood Association board from April 2014 until resigning Monday.

Since October, she has been fined $100 every month she leaves the pole in her yard. Currently, she owes $300 and expects another $100 fine.

"The HOA pretty much has all the legal rights here so I have come to the decision, after much wrangling, that I'm going to take the flag down," she said.

But Foster plans to remove the flag with dignity.

"I think the flag deserves that respect," she said.

Members of the American Legion will be hold a ceremony SAturday to lower and fold the flag and present it Foster. The ceremony will take place at Foster's home, 1017 Cross Meadow Road, at 3 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.

10News reached out to the president and vice president of the View Harbour Neighborhood Association. Neither have returned our calls.


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