Cockatoo regrowing feathers after meth house rescue

Lollibaby is still adjusting to her new surroundings, but she's looking better every day.

Morgan County officials rescued her from a meth house in Morgan County several weeks ago, and last week she moved into her new Rockwood home at the One Stop Pet Shop.

"We're trying to get her back to health," said pet shop employee, Joseph Clapp. "It's going to be six to eight months, and it may take longer than that because we're just not sure."

At the pet shop, Lollibaby has moved into a much bigger cage and is eating regular meals. Her feathers are growing back very slowly, and she hasn't shown signs of any other illness.

She is more likely to allow men to approach her than women, which pet shop workers guess is a behavior related to her previous home. Clapp says Lollibaby is another example of the dangers of meth.

"Imagine what [meth] does to children, and [with] birds and animals, it can still have an effect," he said.

One of Tennessee's greatest tools in the war on meth is now facing fresh scrutiny. In a report by the Tennessean, the TBI explains the state's meth offender registry and the challenges of that data.

One Stop Pet Shop says Lollibaby will not be put up for adoption, but they are asking for help in her long and expensive recovery.

Anyone interested in learning more can contact the pet shop:

One Stop Pet Shop

109 South Front Street

Rockwood, TN

(865) 354-1297


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