East Tennesseans prepare for snow, ice and cold weather

A triple threat of winter weather could be heading our way on Monday and people across East Tennessee spent their Sunday preparing for what the storm could bring.

State and local road crews treated the roads with brine to prepare for forecasted snow and ice. 10News spotted TDOT, Knoxville and Knox County crews out and about. They'll continue to monitor and treat the roads on Monday as the winter weather arrives.

"What you don't want to have happen is in the middle of the day, your pipes inside your house burst and now you have water all over your basement, crawl space, kitchen," said Brett Rhodes with the Home Depot.

He says freezing temperatures can be a pipe's worst enemy, but there are ways to to help even if you're late.

"If your pipe has frozen over, the best thing to do is a heat cable," said Rhodes, "What that will do is thaw the pipe and after its thawed cover it with the insulation and that will prevent it from freezing again."

Even obeying one of the oldest rules in the book can save you headaches.

"Number one thing is let the faucet drip, that's going to be your best preventative maintenance," said Rhodes.

He also cautioned homeowners not to forget about outdoor pipes and be sure to remove any hoses from outdoor faucets and then cover them for protection.

While some are protecting their home, another big concern across the region is food.

"We thought the crowd was coming, so we are trying to beat the crowd." said Andy Dishner. He stopped by a Kroger store in Knoxville with his wife and three children.

With snow on the horizon, the family trip to the store became a team effort.

"Momma wanted to get some groceries," said Dishner. "So we brought everybody to divide and conquer."

They joined a large crowd that hit area grocery stores, stocking up on bread, milk and other essentials.

Despite the frenzy winter weather can bring, the Dishners are ready to welcome it.

"We're excited about it the kids have wanted snow all year."


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