Health care group says rulings may not affect insurance in Tenn.

A health care ruling that could affect 4.5 million people across the country leads national headlines. 7-22-14

A health care ruling that could affect 4.5 million people across the country leads national headlines.

Two separate rulings came down - one in DC saying states that don't have a state run health care marketplace, like Tennessee, will lose government subsidies to help pay for insurance. The other ruling, in a Virginia court had the opposite opinion - ruling the subsidies have to be nationwide because it's what Congress ordered when it passed the Affordable Care Act.

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If this doesn't make a lot of sense you're not alone – WBIR 10 News spoke with the leader of one state health care group who says all this news may be creating more confusion than clarity.

Executive Director of the Tennessee Health Care Campaign Walter Davis heard from several people Tuesday worried about their health care coverage.

"The immediate reaction was that people worried that the subsidies would become lost. I know people asking 'does this mean I've lost my subsidies and lost what I've already put in my premiums make up for the government subsidies?'"

Davis says any changes to the health care law would have to come from the Supreme Court, but that wouldn't affect people who are already enrolled in the health care marketplace.

Bottom line - he says nothing will change right now.

"In all likelihood this will go to the Supreme Court, but that will take some time and in the meantime, subsidies will continue and the next enrollment will begin in November and we have every reason to believe the judges of the Supreme Court wouldn't overturn the Affordable Care Act."

The current state of health care may be murky. Davis believes if Governor Haslam and Tennessee lawmakers work to open a state run marketplace a lot more people could be receiving help.

"We want to see TennCare work for the people who need it most. Right now a lot of people are being left behind and that's a Tennessee problem, not a DC or VA court problem," said Davis.

We've reached out to Governor Haslam's office and are still waiting for a comment on the rulings.


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