Scott Co. boy recovering from snakebites

(WBIR-Knoxville) Malachi Hutson will tell you one thing, he doesn't want to be stuck in a hospital bed.

"I started feeling bad; I rode in the ambulance," he remembered Tuesday night, after he was bitten by a snake several times near his home in Huntsville.

"So I was playing with my cat, and I stepped on a copperhead's tail. And then it bite me, twice," the 7-year-old added, laying down in bed at East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

At least four red dots surround a number of bruises on his swollen leg, a result of potential poisoning from the snakebite.

His family believes it was a copperhead, since they've seen them from time to time around his house. It is one of two poisonous snakes in East Tennessee, the other being timber rattlesnakes.

"It feels like little needles stabbing in my leg," Hutson described the biting.

TWRA told 10News it will be hard or next to impossible to positively identify if the animal was indeed a copperhead. However, they said the animal is not rare.

Hutson has been in ICU for two days, before he was upgraded to a regular room at ETCH. He is listed in good condition right now.

He's expected to be fine, but still has a message for everyone: "Be careful."


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