Knoxville woman's father survives DC shooting

It was a frightening day not only for those working at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. during Monday's shootings, but for their relatives around the country.

The father of 10News producer Melissa Toms works in the same building where the shots rang out. Toms said he wasn't hurt, but for a portion of the day she had no idea about his status or that of her aunt who also works at the Navy Yard. She said it was a worrisome time.

"I'm worried that maybe he ran out without his phone and then there's the worst case scenario that you try not to think about," Toms said. "You hope everyone's ok, but then that creeps into your mind for sure."

She had just finished producing her show around 9 a.m., when she saw the Today Show's coverage of the shooting. Toms then noticed it was happening at the same place where her relatives worked.

She repeatedly called them both for 20 minutes. Her dad finally told her he was ok. Toms then found out her aunt was fine an hour later."It felt like forever," she said.

Toms said her dad worked two floors below where the shooting occurred. She said he could hear gunshots in the distance.

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"He said he was just in his office working when someone ran into the door and said, 'We just heard a pop, pop, pop outside and I think there's been a shooting'," Toms said.

Her father eventually made his way outside to a nearby museum. Toms then got to talk to him for five minutes.

"It was great, it was great," she said. "It was a big weight off my shoulders."

Toms' dad said he didn't know if any of his friends were hurt in Monday's shooting, but he did say he knows a lot of the people who work on the floor where much of the shooting occurred.


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