Knoxville protesters call for end to GMOs

(WBIR - Downtown Knoxville) Dozens of protesters walked through the streets of Downtown Knoxville on Saturday to raise awareness about the use of genetically modified food.

The group gathered in Krutch Park calling on Saint Louis-based company Monsanto to stop the production of GMOs. The protesters claim the methods Monsanto uses on crops has led to the spread of medical issues and is hurting the farming industry.

"They made it to where their corn seed was resistent to Round Up. Therefore, they'd spray the entire field with round up and the weeds are supposed to die off. But now, those weeds have taken on that same gene and aren't dying off. And however many times the farmers spray their fields, that's what's going into your digestive system," Richard Esparza, a protester said.

Another person at the grassroots effort event claimed GMOs were to blame for her health issues.

Michelle Ivester said she's been dealing with various health problems for 8 years and at one point, was on 12 different medications. Ivester said once she eliminated GMOs from her diet the problems went away.

This is not the first time a grass roots effort has protested Monsanto.There is an entire section of the company's website that addresses these concerns and offers a counter-argument to the accusations.


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