UT: 8 students cited after second Neyland Stadium break-in

(WBIR) UT police said they cited eight students in a second incident hours after they kicked out lots of students for starting a huge snowball inside Neyland Stadium.

Students scaled and crawled under fences and found unsecured areas to get into the stadium late Wednesday night. Once inside, they had a blast throwing snowballs on Shield-Watkins field - but it didn't last for long. UT officers broke up the snowball fight and kicked the students out, sending them home with warnings. Once they cleared the area, officers secured all stadium gates and doors and made routine checks throughout the night.

But just four hours later, police found eight students inside Neyland Stadium and cited them for trespassing. Two of the eight students were also cited for underage drinking.

Editors note: Earlier, UT officials told 10News police cited eight students for trespassing and two other students for underage drinking. UT police posted a clarification on its Facebook page Friday morning, writing that a total of eight students were cited early Thursday morning after they were discovered hours after the initial snowball fight.

(WBIR) Eight UT students were cited for trespassing after a huge, spontaneous snowball fight in Neyland Stadium Wednesday night. Two others were cited for underage drinking.

A huge crowd of students gathered on Shields-Watkins field when someone noticed the stadium was open. They were having a blast, throwing snowballs and playing in the snow, but it didn't last long.

UT Police showed up and quickly ordered the students out and locked the stadium up. A UT spokesperson said most of the students left when they were told, and they didn't get in trouble.

The Neyland fun followed another large snowball fight in Presidential Court, which is outside several UT residence halls.


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