Mayors cast votes to name red panda cubs, but not after themselves!

The Knoxville Zoo is asking the public to help name their two adorable red panda cubs.

They took suggestions from the public, then narrowed the choices down to four: Tabei and Tenzing, Madeline and Tim, Shyla and Beaumont, and Summitt and Neyland. You can vote here by making a $1 donation.

Madeline and Tim are, of course, in honor of the current Knoxville mayor, Madeline Rogero, and Knox County mayor, Tim Burchett. The two are happy to be in the running, but they are throwing their support behind two other names: Summitt and Neyland. Those names honor legendary Lady Vols basketball coach Pat Summitt and football coach General Robert Neyland.

According to a joint press release, the mayors have personally contributed $100 each to the zoo on behalf of the contest and are encouraging others to vote - and donate.

"I couldn't bear to vote for myself," said Mayor Rogero. "I really do think the names Summitt and Neyland are ideal for the new additions."

"I won't panda, I mean, pander, for votes when two outstanding names like Summit and Neyland are on the ballot," Mayor Burchett offered.

Right now, the names Summitt and Neyland are in the lead.

The winnings will be determined by the first pair to reach $5,000 in donations or the highest amount of votes received by Friday, September 13 at 6:00 p.m


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