Knox Co. cats are social media stars thanks to their double noses and extra toes

Erin Locke's three cats are stars on both Instagram and Facebook. Here's the story behind the Double Nose Wonder Cats.

WEST KNOX COUNTY, TENN. - For Erin Locke, every day of the week is "Caturday." Her cats Posey, Clementine and Louis are stars of Instagram and Facebook thanks to some unique features.

Posey and Clementine have cleft noses while Louis has extra thumbs on his paws.

"It doesn't affect them at all," said Locke. "It's purely cosmetic and adorable."

Locke adopted Posey first and almost immediately, peoples' obsession with her sweet face and two noses sparked an idea for her owner.

"I was like 'I'm going to make her an Instagram account and she's going to be the next Grumpy cat and she's going to make me a $100 million and I'm going to retire.' So, it started off as just like this silly joke and then it started to pick up," Locke said. 

Locke started an Instagram and Facebook account for Posey calling her the "Double Nose Wonder Cat."

"It was kind of weird at first and like a little overwhelming," Locke said. "People really took to her, they liked her face."

Little by little, Posey's poses gained more and more fans, introducing her owner to a whole community of cat owners.

"I learned that Instagram has this community of cats and pet owners that's just this huge network of people who become friends and they're so supportive," she said. 

It was through those friends that Erin was introduced to her second cat, Clementine.

"I actually found Clementine on Instagram. When people see other cleft nose cats, especially when they're up for adoption and stuff like that, they'll tag me in it or tag Posey in it," Locke said.  "And I'm like, 'It's in Baton Rouge, that's a 10 hour drive.' So the more I thought about it, the more it started to get to me and I'm like 'You know, you don't see these little cleft-nosed cats up for adoption that often, and I wonder if they have out-of-state adoption?' Next thing I know, I'm driving 10 hours to Louisiana  to get my cat."

Louis was the last to join the growing family. The tuxedo cat has one nose but extra thumbs.

"He's ridiculous. The posts and photos of him are just sprawled out with his belly hanging out because that's what he does," Locke said. "They're not your average looking cats. I get accused of photo-shopping them a lot."
From her home in West Knox County, Locke works hard to post pictures and funny memes for the fans of Posey, Clementine and Louie especially on Saturdays, known at the Locke house as "Caturdays."
"I'm more active on Instagram," Locke said. "We used to post every day, but now are down to a couple of times a week." 
With nearly 15,000 followers on Instagram and around 4,000 on Facebook, the Double Nose Wonder Cat and her friends are true social media stars. But, to their owner, they're a true gift.
"It started off as a joke, but then it seemed to really make people happy so then I just got that guilt that I gotta keep it up because people are liking it," Locke said. 

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