Family says stray bullet from drug deal hit their home

Knoxville police are still investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospital, but the shooting victim wasn't the only person in harm's way.

One family says Thursday night's shooting could have left a young girl dead. They say a bullet hit one of their windows, and could have hit one of their family members.

A large hole in Joe Ferguson's window is the result of a loud bang the father of three heard.

"I had never heard a gunshot before. But as far as it being that close, I knew it was a gunshot," he said.

Ferguson believes a bullet shot through the window of his 12-year-old daughter's bedroom, and the young girl was inside the room at the time.

"I was on my bed on my computer when I heard something break. At first, I thought it was my lamp. After I had realized my lamp wasn't broken, I realized something had hit my window," described Milove Ferguson.

The family believes the stray bullet came from a gun used in Thursday night's shooting on Glider Avenue at Mitchell Street-- not too far from their home.

Police say 35-year-old Dustin Hutchens was shot in the leg after trying to buy marijuana from someone, but was $3 short.

"After everything happened, I kept thinking 'What if this would have happened, or what if that would have happened,'" said Milove.

"It could have very easily hit her or any one of these kids," said Joe.

The family is now breathing a sigh of relief knowing a hole in the window is all they have to worry about.

Joe Ferguson says police looked for the stray bullet in the home, but were unable to find it.

The family is still dealing with the unexpected loss of the children's mother, who passed away in February.


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